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Transferring ownership of a vehicle is fairly easy.  First, check the front of the title and see whose name it is in.  If it is your name, just come on down and we can take care of everything.  

If the title is not in your name, you need to make sure that the persons name who appears on the front has signed his/her name on the back of the title as the signature of seller in the first assignment.  (Below is the back of a newer title.  The titleholder should sign in the green box, and print his/her names in both blue boxes if you are not the original titleholder.)

If there has been more than one transfer of ownership, just follow the signatures.  For every sale there should be a matching sellers signature and buyers signature.  The original titleholder should be the first seller.  The first buyer is also the second seller, and the second buyer is the third seller, and so on.  As long as you can see a selling signature then a buying signature, everything will be all set.

Some of the older titles only have room to transfer ownership in one spot.  If there is no additional space to transfer ownership on the back of the title, Q-1 forms may be used in lieu of space.  Q-1 forms are a standard form that the Department of Motor Vehicles supplies which we have on hand here.

Always feel free to contact us or stop by with questions regarding the transfer of ownership.


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